4 Questions to Uncover How Product Content Impacts Your Bottom Line [SlideShare]

We all invest time and money in our e-commerce websites—upgrading platforms, analytics, product information management, paid search, user experience. 

But what’s the point if your product images can’t even sell your products?

Images are the driving force of your e-commerce business. Investment is not an option, but an opportunity to create marketing assets that act as brand ambassadors and powerful sales tools.

If you’re not offering visually engaging content that clarifies product details and answers unspoken questions, your customer is going to bolt to a competitor’s website. 

What this means: if your customer has any doubt, because of your photos, you’re going to lose the sale.


Click through the presentation below to uncover stats on how the quality of product content impacts your bottom line and the four questions you need to ask yourself.

Claire McCracken
Claire McCracken

Claire is a Marketing Coordinator at Snap36. She recently graduated from the University of Dayton with a bachelor's degree in Communications and Marketing. Before working at Snap36, Claire had a marketing internship with a construction company in Chicago.

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