Studio Equipment

More products in less time

In order to stay lean while keeping up with e-commerce demands, many studios are looking to automate their image creation to increase throughput, efficiency, and brand consistency.

Whether you’re ready to deploy spin or looking for a way to automate your studio, our robotic equipment and workflow software will have you shooting more products in less time.

This video shows just how productive you could be.

We’ve seen our clients


Increase product throughput by up 3x

More products online
means more sales


Reduced photography costs by 50%

Use resources
more efficiently


Increase image accuracy to over 99%

Brand consistency
increases customer satisfaction

Equipped to fit your product needs

Custom-configure our cutting-edge, modular solution to efficiently capture all of your product images.

We don’t succeed unless you succeed

We offer installation, training, and support services to get you up and running in no time.

Our vast knowledge of user experience and ability to consult on any rich media viewer makes Snap36 a great strategic partner.