With over $5 billion in online sales, there is no question that e-commerce presents a tremendous growth opportunity for the automotive aftermarket industry. As more buyers head online, innovative suppliers and retailers are realizing the benefits of enhancing their digital assets to meet evolving consumer behaviors.

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Online buyers are not satisfied with the amount of product or visual information given.


Buyers agree that the B2B customer experience should mirror the at­‐home experiences of B2C.


Expected increase of online sales of automotive aftermarket parts for the next several years.

Rev up your product images

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Decoding your new automotive customer

Snap36 CEO, Jeff Hunt, presented at the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association 2014 Technology Conference on how e-commerce has fundamentally changed the way the automotive aftermarket industry does business.

Enjoy the presentation.

What we’ve had to say about the automotive aftermarket

Digital technologies are reshaping the automotive aftermarket and driving change not only within individual companies, but also within the industry at large. I got the scoop firsthand from some of the industry’s top suppliers and retailers at the 2015 NCMA Knowledge Exchange Conference.

Experts predict that online sales will double by 2018, while sluggish brick-and-mortar sales fall flat. To navigate the e-commerce landscape, aftermarket companies need to tap into emerging markets and shift investments to establish comprehensive web presence.

The AASA reports that nearly 80% of all automotive sales being with some type of online research. This presents a huge opportunity for innovative retailers and suppliers as majority of buyers are not satisfied with the quality of product or visual information given (if given at all!).